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Throughout the history of mankind, weather has cancelled plans and killed people. There is one situation: Know in advance. Buying a radio is a great idea. This wiki will focus on teaching people on each model! Don’t know what a Weather Radio is? Go to
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  1. This wiki covers Weather Radios, Weather Radio Manufacturers, and NOAA Weather Radio. Do not make off topic pages.
  2. In the talk section, please do not talk about off topic things. That is for the home page's talk section. Each page's talk section is for edit requests, information, and other things about it.
  3. No racial slurs. Self explanatory.
  4. In order to follow COPPA standards, please be 13 to log in the wiki. If you are younger, please just be a Reader.
  5. Try not to make biased pages.
  6. Avoid edit wars. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!
  7. No vandalism. That destroys this wiki's mission.
  8. No predictors, philes or any of that stuff.
  9. When posting a weather radio review, please stick to those with over 1,000 views. The only exceptions are ClayRanger143, Todderbert, and other valued radio enthusiasts.
  10. Have fun!
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